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Saskatchewan Council provincial office mailing address: 

P.O. Box 21064
RPO Grosvenor PRK
Saskatoon, SK S7H 5H9 

Please note: Do not send mail to the former provincial office in Regina, mail for Saskatchewan Council is no longer collected at that address.  

Please reach out to staff and volunteers via email (below). If you have a Saskatchewan-specific Guiding question and are not sure who to contact, please send an email to and someone will be in touch with you. There is no longer a local number for this office. 

For information about registration, refunds or general inquiries, please email or call 1-877-564-6188. 

If you are a GGC member and have any questions about your membership or your unit, please email

If you are having trouble with Member Zone access, please email

Saskatchewan Council Contacts

Provincial Commissioner:
Deputy Provincial Commissioners:,
Provincial Treasurer:
Area Commissioner - Bridging Rivers:
Area Commissioner - Southern Horizons:
Girl Engagement Coordinator:
Member Services Coordinator:
Risk and Compliance Coordinator:
Youth Forum Coordinator:
Camping Adviser:
Cookies Adviser:
International Adviser:
Membership Adviser:
Program Adviser:
PR/Communications Adviser:
Safe Guide Adviser:
Training Adviser:
Heritage Lake Camp Contact:
Provincial Operations Lead (Staff):
Executive Assistant (Staff):

Supporting Committee Contacts

(please reach out to Yvonne Turnbull to get in touch with these contacts)

Archives: Beth Dredger
Arts: Janice Graessli
Awards: Megan Clake
Link: Megan Peters
Lones: Lorraine Thibeault
Trefoil Guild: Lorraine Thibeault

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