Trefoil Guild

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Trefoil Guilds are for Guiders either active or retired who are 30 years old and over who wish to maintain a contact and association with the Girl Guides of Canada. They are full members of Girl Guides.

Each guild may decide how formally or casually it will operate and you do not need to have previous Guiding experience to belong to a guild – it is open to any adult member who is willing to be enrolled in Girl Guides of Canada and comply with the current policies and practices of Girl Guides of Canada–Guides du Canada.

Trefoil Guilds have various interests from camping and hiking to quilting to lunching to attending lectures to helping with girl registration or adult trainings, to plays and visiting museums or all of the above depending on the interests and abilities of the members of each guild.

Trefoil Guilds meet as often as they wish, during the day or evening, weekends or weekdays. Some meet monthly, others less frequently.

Read the National Trefoil Guild Newsletter and other Guiding publications. 

New Brunswick Council Trefoil Guilds

  • Coastal Shore - Miramichi Trefoil Guild
  • Kennebecasis - 1st Kennebecasis Trefoil Guild
  • Mawiw - 1st Fredericton Trefoil Guild & 2nd Fredericton Trefoil Guild
  • Prince Edward Island - Lady Slipper Trefoil Guild
  • Prince County Trefoil Guild
  • Tidewater - Moncton Trefoil Guild
  • Westmorland Trefoil Guild
  • Tidewater - Whisong Trefoil Guild
  • Upper Saint John River Valley - 1st Victoria Carleton Trefoil Guild
  • Waters Edge - 1st Fundy Trefoil Guild
  • Friendship Trefoil Guild
  • Purple Violet Trefoil Guild
If you are interested in joining or even starting a Trefoil Guild in your locality, please contact us at attention of Trefoil Guild.
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