NB/PEI Heritage Challenge

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Heritage Challenge NB/PEI Heritage Crest

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are beautiful and exciting provinces. By completing this challenge you will learn about your province, your community and your family and provincial heritage. You will also be able to share your personal Heritage with others.

To complete the challenge each age group should complete the following:

  • Sparks & Brownies: 2 from each of Community & Province and 1 from each of Family, Culture and Social
  • Guides: 4 from each of Community & Province and 1 from each of Family, Culture and Social
  • Pathfinders: 6 from each of Community & Province and 1 from each of Family, Culture and Social
  • Rangers & Adults: 8 from each of Community & Province and 1 from each of Family, Culture and Social


  • What is the name of your community? When was it founded and why was it named so? Find out about the first people who lived in your community. How did they get there and why did they stay?
  • What was the main industry in your community 100 years ago? What is it now?
  • Where were the members of your unit born? Were they born in Canada or move to Canada from another country? When did their families move to New Brunswick/PEI? How is life different in the two (2) countries?
  • Interview a senior. Find out what is was like when they were young. What was shopping like for their parents? What was school like?
  • How has shopping changed in the past 100 years?
  • Visit a heritage home in your area. Study the architecture of different homes in your immediate area. What is similar and different? Which do you prefer?
  • Visit a museum, antique store, heritage site, cemetery or historical society to learn more about your heritage and community.
  • How has your community changed in the past 50 to 100 years? A senior citizen can help with this.
  • When did Girl Guides start in your community? What was Guiding like when it started?
  • How was day to day life different 100 years ago? Would you have liked to have lived back then?
  • Visit the Girl Guide archives at New Brunswick Guide House in Saint John or the PEI Area office in Charlottetown.


  • What was school like in your grandparents (or great grandparents) day? How is school different in your community today? Where was the first school? Have you ever visited a one room schoolhouse?
  • Were you born in your community? Has your family always lived here? If not find on a map or globe where they came from.
  • Make a family tree showing four (4) generations including you. You may choose to do this for either your mothers’, fathers’ or both sides of you family. Ask an older relative about their childhood and what they did for fun.
  • Does your family have an heirloom or tradition that has been passed down through the generations? Share this with your unit.


  • Make a list of provincial place names that are of native origin and their translated meaning.
  • When did your province join confederation? Who was the first premier?
  • Learn the symbols of your provincial flag and what they stand for. When was it adopted? Who designed it?
  • What is the official provincial flower, tree and bird.
  • New Brunswick is only officially bilingual province in Canada? Why is it only French and English and not another language?
  • Find about a person who has made a difference in the people and their lives in New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.
  • Name some famous people from New Brunswick or PEI. What are they known for? They could be an inventor, author, sports figure, actor, musician etc.
  • Learn to sing the New Brunswick grace and the “Land of New Brunswick” or “The Island Hymm” or another song about your province.
  • Make a collage of pictures of scenic places, people, or things that are truly unique to your province.
  • What is your favourite place in the province to visit?
  • Culture
  • Learn about another culture in your province. (Acadian, Micmac, Maliseet). Share some interesting facts about them.
  • Are there any Native Canadian Reserves in your area? Find out the name of the reserve and something special about their culture. What are some of the things we use today that came from their culture?
  • Read or listen to a native legend, or a story from your community’s past.
  • Learn something new from a Native Canadian Culture, Acadian Culture or English Culture which you did not know before. Participate in a ceremony, or visit a heritage display about this culture.
  • What are some of the remedies or medicines we use today that came from either the early settlers and/or the Micmac & Maliseet?


  • What is a pie, basket or tea social? What was their purpose? Have one with another unit or your family.
  • Learn how to make bread, butter, jam or pickles.
  • Learn about heritage crafts and try one. Rug hooking/weaving, knitting, tatting, crochet, paper quilling, embroidery or quilting or candle making braiding.
  • What games did children play 75 years ago? Play one (Fox and Geese, hop scotch, marbles etc.)

Crests are $ 2.50 each and available from the Provincial Office.

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