Map to Creative Fitness Challenge

Map To Creative Fitness

This challenge will be done over a period of several meetings and can easily be used as part of the program. Adapt as you see fit.


  • to introduce girls to new types of physical activities and promote a healthy lifestyle now and in the future.
  • to challenge girls to stretch their personal limits and abilities


This challenge requires all age groups to complete all five components in a way that is appropriate to their age and ability. Use different activities for all five components.

  • ENERGISE— Go for a walk, run, hike, snowshoe or cross country ski for a distance of at least Sparks 500m; Brownies 1km; Guides 2km; Pathfinders, Rangers and Guiders 3km.
  • FUN WITH A FRIEND— Try a physical activity with a friend (or friends) who are not in Guiding. This can be done outside of Guiding activities or during a “Bring a Friend” session.
  • NOUVEAU A TOI— Try a physical activity that you have either never tried before or have not done more than once previously.
  • PIT STOP— Sparks complete 1 section; Brownies 2 sections; Guides 3 sections; Pathfinders, Rangers, Guiders complete all 6.
    • in a period of a week, eat at least five vegetables of different colors.
    • in the same week, try a fruit that you have never eaten before.
    • on a hike or walk carry a bottle of water and drink from it regularly.
    • prepare or help prepare a meal containing all the food groups.
    • plan and prepare a healthy snack to take on a hike.
    • our bodies need fats to build strong cardiac and other muscles. Remembering that saturated and trans-fatty acids are not heart smart, prepare a snack that contains a healthy fat.
  • THE MORE THE MERRIER— From the following topics Sparks complete 1; Brownies complete 2; Guides complete 3 and Pathfinders, Rangers and Guiders complete all 6 topics.
    • DO THE HUSTLE— go outside and complete an activity to help you experience the thrill of your body moving quickly without the use of motorized equipment. Example: skiing, tobogganing, cycling, skating, racing, etc.
    • ANYONE FOR A GAME— Games are a great way to enjoy being active. They can be competitive or co-operative. Try either a series of short games; like relays, or mini Olympics or stations of activities; or a wide game like capture the flag, or snow golf, fox and geese etc.
    • MULTI-CULTURAL PIZZAZZ IN NB/PEI— Complete an activity from NB/PEI’s heritage or from one of the cultural groups that make up our cultural mosaic. Check out the Guiding Heritage badges. Examples; folk dancing, drama, first nations dancing and or singing.
    • DARE YOU?— Complete an adventurous activity that gets your adrenaline pumping! Be sure to check your Safe Guide. Try rock climbing, horseback riding, rafting, ultimate Frisbee or completing a ropes/zip line course.
    • LAP IT UP!— Complete an activity that is done on, in, or using water. Some ideas –canoeing/kayaking, swimming, water sliding, aqua- aerobics water polo or even running through a sprinkler.
    • STRETCH IT & FLEX IT!— Complete an activity that will help maintain or increase your flexibility. Some ideas are; bowling, golf, yoga, ballet, pilates, even raking leaves.

Be sure to check your safe guide before doing some adventurous activities.

Crests are $ 1.50 each and available from the Provincial Office.

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