New Brunswick Council Girl Engagement Challenge

Girl Engagement Crest

The intent of this challenge is to connect girls with the programs and opportunities to continue with Guiding. You may earn this badge in pieces. Over the course of time in Guiding, you may challenge for additional pieces within your year of Guiding. You must complete the challenge of the Branch you currently belong to first before moving on to other sections of the challenge. You must complete at least 4 of the bullets (this includes the mandatory) from the levels you are not presently in to earn that piece. There is one mandatory bullet each section you must complete in order to obtain the piece. The mandatory bullet is indicated in the section at the top. If you have been in Guiding for a number of years you can go back into your Guiding Resume and use it to help you.

When girls in the unit have completed a section of the challenge please complete the form below and email it to the Girl Engagement Co-ordinator 

 The cost of each section is $0.50.

Full information on the challenge and orders are below:

Girl Engagement Challenge Information
Girl Engagement Challenge Order Forms      

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