New Brunswick Fishing Day Challenge

New Brunswick Fishing Day ChallengeNB Fishing Day Challenge Badge


  • Know about the current provincial rules and regulations for fishing in New Brunswick.
  • Discuss conservation as it applies to sport or commercial fishing in New Brunswick.
  • Discuss water pollution in your area and tell how it affects the fish and what is being done to prevent it.
  • Visit a fish hatchery, a salmon or fish ladder or fish plant and tell about it.


  • Cast with a fly rod, a spinning rod, a bait rod, or a line.
  • Tie the hook to the line using the correct knot. Bait the hook.


  • Catch and identify a fish. Know how to release it so that it will be harmed as little as possible.
  • Assist in preparing a fish for cooking.
  • Visit a local angling association and learn about three flies, spinners or types of bait suited to your area.

You are encouraged to participate in Fish NB Days. Check locally for activities.

The crests are available from the Provincial Office at no cost except postage.

Learn more about Fish NB Days here.

3/1/2021 8:33:18 AM