New Brunswick Arts Challenge

New Brunswick Arts Challenge New Brunswick Arts Challenge Badge

The Arts include singing, games, creativity, skits/drama and dance. Involve the girls in choosing and developing the theme for your challenge.

Choose a theme. Examples: Animals, international, heritage, friendship, environment, camping, Thinking day, etc.
Choose a game which helps build awareness of the theme.
OR: Develop a fun game with lots of action to support your theme.
OR: Develop a board or card game to support your theme.
Learn at least two songs from a Girl Guide song book. Sing other songs to compliment your theme.
Create a dance to compliment your theme. Your dance should have at least three different steps.
OR: Learn a traditional dance.
Let the girls become the subject. The girls should not just talk about the theme; they should impersonate the subject of the theme. Illustrate the theme by the use of a skit that has an opening and action that builds up to an ending. Puppets may be used.
Create something special to compliment your theme. Make it beautiful and useful. Sculpt, draw, paint, build, sew; using clay, paper mache, wood, fabric, metal, string, paper, markers, crayons. etc. Keep to the theme—challenge yourselves.
Share your challenge with others. Such as a seniors group, or another unit, or at a District or Area event. Put a display in a public place. Make craft kits for a children’s hospital ward or make blankets or quilts.

Make this challenge a fun learning experience. Themes are endless. Let us know what you did.

Crests are available from the provincial office for $1.50 each.

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