The Girl Guides of Canada National Scholarship Program recognizes the extraordinary accomplishments of Girl Guide members and supports them as they work towards the future they’ve been dreaming of.

Meet the 2023 National Scholarship Recipients

Actuarial Foundation of Canada National Scholarships

Danica H
Kingston, ON
Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

“Ever since joining Guiding when I was five, I was encouraged to explore various interests and pursue the ones I enjoyed to my heart’s content. It was through Guiding that I was first introduced to STEM through a local event with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). I truly have Girl Guides to thank for helping me discover my passion.”

Ella H
Burnaby, BC
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Simon Fraser University

“I am currently enrolled in the mathematics program at Simon Fraser University, and I plan to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. I intend to use your generous donation to further my development and skill building beyond Girl Guides throughout my post-secondary education. During my studies, I will volunteer with a local Guiding group as a bridging member. I am very excited to support the next generation of Guides.”

Kaileigh G
Ottawa, ON
Data Science: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics, Co-op/French Immersion
University of Ottawa

“I have been in Guiding for the past 12 years, and it has truly shaped me into the person I am today. Guiding has taught me to pursue my dreams, whatever they may be. In university, I will be studying data science, which is a five-year double degree in computer science and mathematics. My interest in data science comes from my love of algebra and in analyzing possible patterns – viewing problems as puzzles I can solve.”

Vladyslava D
Mississauga, ON
Bachelor of Science
University of Toronto Mississauga

“I am excited to continue my studies at the crossroads of artificial intelligence and health sciences, aiming to use technology to address health-care inequities both locally and globally. Volunteering as a Guider and teaching young girls about a range of subjects including STEM is both a privilege and a joy. I am truly grateful and humbled to be a part of the incredible Girl Guide community.”

Barrett McKenna Environmental Education National Scholarship

Ella M
Vancouver, BC
Natural Resource Conservation
University of British Columbia

“I am incredibly honoured and grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship for 2023. From meetings and service projects to campus overnight trips, I have made many incredible memories in Guiding. I can’t wait to start school at the University of British Columbia in the fall and study Natural Resource Conservation.”

Kelly Z
Calgary, AB
Bachelor of Biological Science
University of Calgary

“For the past nine years, the sisterhood of Guiding has been a second family to me: offering support in the pursuit of my passions, exposing me to new experiences, fostering beautiful memories filled with laughter, and playing a fundamental role in shaping who I am. I am forever thankful and in debt to Girl Guides for the way it has impacted my life. I can say without a doubt that I would not be where I am today without Girl Guides and the incredible relationships I have formed with my fellow sisters. Thank you, Girl Guides!”

Barrett McKenna National Scholarships

Anna P
Victoria, BC
Master of Science in Geophysics
University of Victoria

“I quickly developed a love for the natural world through Guiding. In my role as a Trex leader, I aim to create a supportive environment that encourages teens to pursue their interests, just as Guiding did for me. Now, as a master’s student in geophysics, I’m investigating active faults in marine environments, driven by the same sense of curiosity and passion for the outdoors that Guiding instilled in me.”

Kate B
Calgary, AB
Leaders in Medicine MD and PhD
University of Calgary

“I have been a member of Girl Guides for 17 years. Through Guiding, I have met many amazing leaders, mentors, and lifelong friends. Guiding has helped give me the confidence to know that I can achieve my goals, despite any challenges that I might face. The skills I learned in Guiding have been instrumental in my current educational pursuits as an MD/PhD student at the University of Calgary.”

Rebecca M
Saskatoon, SK
Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts
Capilano University of Vancouver

“When my family relocated to Canada from Europe 12 years ago, I left behind all my old friends and was afraid that I would struggle to make more in a new country. That fall, my parents enrolled me in Girl Guides, and I knew immediately I had found my people. To be a recipient of the Barret McKenna National Scholarship will be a significant help to me in pursuing my university studies. Thank you!”

Dr. Roberta Bondar National Scholarship

Alexandra B
Edmonton, AB
Bachelor of Design
University of Alberta

“Through my academic journey, Guiding has been a motivating force in my life that has allowed me to explore a wide variety of fields in both the sciences and arts. It’s one of the reasons why I am pursuing a degree in design – trying to explore those interconnected spaces between disciplines – in hopes that one day, I can help make the world a better and more accommodating place to be. I hope to pass on this same appreciation and curiosity about the world around me to the Sparks and Embers I work with each week, in hopes that they too might become inspired and go on to explore their passions!”

Environmental Studies National Scholarship

Jordan D
West St. Paul, MB
Environmental Engineering
University of Northern British Columbia

“I’m so incredibly grateful for this funding, as it allows me to stay in Guiding. Girl Guides is part of who I am, and it is one of my biggest passions. I’m so happy to be given this opportunity to stay in the program while I pursue my degree in environmental engineering.”

STEM National Scholarship

Emma C
Saint John, NB
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
University of New Brunswick

“I have been a Girl Guide member for 13 years. I was born missing my right hand. My parents involved me in a variety of activities in my youth, including Girl Guides, to help me build confidence and accept my amputation. Girl Guides provided me with many opportunities to try new activities and learn new skills. The program offered me a safe place to learn and grow without being judged. I learned to be independent and was not afraid to do things differently. I discovered an interest in STEM activities through Guiding, which played a key role in my course selection in high school. My love of STEM will continue after high school when I study engineering at university. Girl Guides has empowered me to be a leader and encouraged me to be creative and make positive changes in my life, community, and environment. I feel very fortunate to have been involved in such a wonderful and supportive organization.”

GGC First Year National Scholarship

Eden B
Calgary, AB
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Alberta University of the Arts

“Guiding has helped me to get out of my comfort zone, meet amazing people, and experience new things. I am so grateful that Guiding has helped me to become a creative and adventurous person and inspired me to pursue an education in the visual arts. Thank you for your support in helping me follow my passion!”

Grace P
Saint John, NB
Bachelor of Arts
St. Thomas University

“Girl Guides taught me from a young age that I enjoy and take great pride in working with others. This knowledge has directed me into my chosen field for university – education – so that I can become a teacher. If it wasn’t for my amazing leaders letting me help them as a Junior Leader, I may have never discovered my love for helping others. ”

Kaira Y
West Vancouver, BC
Bachelor of Science
University of British Columbia

“I have been involved in Girl Guides for as long as I can remember. The spirit of Girl Guides – especially that of adventure, service, and kindness – has formed who I am today. As I navigate my life, I do so with the Guiding laws close to my heart. These experiences allow me to emphasize the respect and kindness that every human being deserves. Today, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of British Columbia. With your support, I will be able to explore new opportunities, broaden my horizons, and contribute meaningfully to the organization.”

Kate T
Owen Sound, ON
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, minor in Linguistics
Concordia University

“Thank you so much, GGC! Throughout my time in Guiding, I have learned so many valuable life lessons and skills. The program has truly shaped who I have become, and I doubt I would be where I am today without it. I am incredibly grateful for your aid and support during this next chapter of my life.”

Olivia T
St. Albert, AB
Bachelor of Science and Neurobiology
Medicine Hat College

“I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your generosity with this scholarship. Girl Guides of Canada has once again given me the motivation to be successful in all that I do. Your investment in me and so many others makes a difference and inspires so many young girls to achieve all that they are capable of.”

Sophie H
Vancouver, BC
Bachelor of Arts
McGill University

“For the past 13 years, Girl Guides has been the most amazing and supportive second home. I’ve grown up with this organization and have learned so much from my peers and leaders about the world and myself. The support of this community means the world to me, and I am so excited for what the future holds for my academic and Guiding journeys.”

GGC Postgraduate Studies National Scholarship

Maia W
Mississauga, ON
Master of Teaching
University of Toronto

“From starting out as a Spark to becoming a Guider, Guiding has shaped who I am. Guiding has been an integral part of my identity for the past two decades, and I am excited to continue being involved and inspiring the next generation of Girl Guides to pursue their goals.”

GGC Part-time Studies National Scholarship

Avril H
Coquitlam, BC
Associate Degree in Science
Douglas College

“I will ensure that I use this scholarship to better my future and continually help others. The support I have received from Girl Guides will encourage me to work harder and represent women in science in a positive light.”

GGC National Scholarship

Emma C
Torbay, NL
Bachelor of Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Thank you for always supporting girls. My plan for my education is to continue with psychology and work toward a degree in education. I want to continue working with Girl Guides and working to make memories with all my sisters in Guiding. Guiding has been the most influential factor in my life, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Hari L
Hamilton, ON
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Accelerated)
McMaster University

“I would not have ever considered the non-traditional route I have taken with my education had it not been for the confidence and resourcefulness instilled in me through my tenure with GGC. It is with the support of the sisterhood and generous donors to the cause that I feel empowered to achieve my goals.”

Heidi E
Ottawa, ON
Bachelor of Arts in English, minor in Creative Writing
University of Ottawa

“Writing has been the plan since I was a first-year Guide – which was the age when I started to feel like I knew enough about the world to start defining it by my own standards (whether or not I was correct remains to be seen). The flexibility and broadness of the Guiding program allowed my interests to mature and, most of all, shaped me into the kind of person who’s always asking why. Girl Guides has been a fundamental part of my life and continues to benefit me one Monday at a time in ways for which I am immeasurably grateful.”

Masonic Foundation of Ontario National Scholarship

Avery B
Waterloo, ON
Social Development Studies
University of Waterloo

“Switching to a new unit in my second year of Rangers was what truly sparked my love for Guiding as well as my deep-rooted passion to create change in the world around me. The difference a strong support system of my peers and leaders has made in my life has inspired me to be that person for others.

I don’t know exactly what path I want to take with my studies, but I know I want to help people and make the world a better place for girls and others who identify with the Guiding movement to grow up and exist in."

Erin E
Toronto, ON
Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology
University of Guelph

“Girl Guides of Canada has been a huge part of my life for 13 years now. I am incredibly thankful and excited for this opportunity to study at my dream school in my dream program, to start fresh in a new city, and to continue my Guiding journey as an Embers Guider!”

Gemma V
Nepean, ON
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science
University of Ottawa

“Guiding has been a constant in my life and has provided me with valuable skills, real-life experiences, friends, and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am so thankful for the support of this scholarship and the Guiding community that will allow me to flourish in university. I cannot wait to see where the future takes me in terms of Guiding and my education.”

Jocelyn R
Cookstown, ON
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
McMaster University

“For the last 13 years, Guiding has been a large part of my life – from going camping as a little Spark to travelling to Nuestra Cabaña to becoming a Junior Leader. Guiding has helped to shape me into the young woman that I am today by developing my leadership skills, expanding my interest in volunteer work, and introducing me to amazing people along the way. Guiding has been a prominent experience in my life and will continue to be so as I move forward in my Guiding career.”

Khloe G
Tillsonburg, ON
Dramatic Arts and Concurrent Education
University of Windsor

“My name is Khloe, and I have been in Guiding for the past 12 years! Guiding has taught me a lot, and it has made me into the strong, independent woman I am today. I am truly grateful to receive a Masonic Foundation of Ontario National Scholarship and it will go toward my education at the University of Windsor in the Dramatic Arts program.”

Lauren S
Toronto, Ontario
Biomedical Engineering
Toronto Metropolitan University

“Guiding has played a significant role in shaping my character by fostering a sense of leadership, empathy, and dedication. I am so excited to use the skills I have gained through Guiding when studying biomedical engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University.”

Maie Trinity W
Saskatoon, SK
Bachelor of Science
Queen’s University

“This scholarship will help me continue my education in the field of science and experience educational opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to without outside support. I hope to one day make a positive impact in the Guiding world, as it has helped shape me into the person I am today.”

Paula S
Toronto, ON
Master of Business Administration
Toronto Metropolitan University

“Over the past 25 years in Guiding, I’ve developed strong leadership skills –running units, leading camps, and volunteering in various senior roles. Today, I am taking the leadership skills I have developed as a proud member of GGC and applying them to my professional life as a TV producer and to my MBA at TMU’s Ted Rogers School of Management.”

Norma Osler Education National Scholarship

Evv K
Guelph, ON
General Studies in Education
Simon Fraser University

“I hope to positively influence girls with my university experiences in education and foster a shared love of Guiding. I want to challenge the status quo in the education system we have today in order to make learning flexible and accessible to everyone.”

Hannah O
Orangeville, ON
Concurrent Education
Brock University

“From a young age, Girl Guides provided me with many influential female role models that have empowered me to live and lead courageously. These women have played a major role in the development of my confidence by providing me with opportunities to explore my interests in safe spaces. As a future educator, I hope to be a positive role model to my students – following in the footsteps of my female mentors in Girl Guides by showcasing that every voice is valuable and has the power to make real change in our world.”

Humber Glen Trefoil Guild National Scholarship

Sera T
Conception Bay South, NL
Bachelor of Arts in Book and Media Studies
University of Toronto

“This scholarship proves that GGC values both my hard work and me as a person, and that’s very comforting to me. This organization has been by my side since I was five years old, supporting and shaping me into the person I am today.”

Kingston Trefoil Guild National Scholarship

Mary C
Schomberg, ON
Bachelor of Science
Queen’s University

“Guiding has provided many memories and enabled me to become the confident young woman I am today. Within the organization, I found an extended family of peers and mentors that accepted me for who I am, inspired me to reach for my dreams, and provided the tools and attitudes for me to get there.”

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