Welcome to Rangers!

For ages 15 to 17


Rangers is the final step of Guiding as a youth member, but no prior Guiding experience is needed to join. Rangers hang out with groups of like-minded friends while running their own service projects, raising awareness for causes they care about and sharing their skills with younger girls. As members of the Guiding Movement, Rangers also take the lead by getting involved with committees and councils, like the National Youth Council.  

Rangers is a flexible program. Each unit decides how to make their meetings fit their schedules, but many Rangers meet for about 90 minutes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Rangers can experience activities like:

  • Going on an overnight canoe trip together
  • Taking action to support girls and women, locally or globally
  • Learning how to build a great resume and keep it up to date
  • Practicing essential life skills, like budgeting 
  • Co-leading a unit of Sparks, Brownies or Guides with local women mentors
  • Connecting with the world through national and international trips

Did you know? Rangers can go further by:

Excited about Rangers? Register today! Then, jump into your next steps:

  • Learn more about the program activities Rangers can choose from as they shape their Guiding experience.
  • Order the Girl Guide uniform shirt and other special Ranger gear, like the personal growth journal
    Footsteps Forward.
  • Find a Trex or Extra Ops unit. These groups offer extra opportunities for Pathfinders and Rangers who want to experience more in a certain area, such as camping, travel or the arts.