Fun activities for girls ages 5-17

Girl Guides is a place where friendships, adventures and real-life experiences can be found. 

Girls ages 5-17 will discover the world, build their confidence and take on community projects together with old and new friends her age.

With a range of fun activities for girls, Girl Guides is a safe space for her to be curious, adventurous, and confident.

Girl Guide branches by age

Find out more about what Girl Guide activities she’ll get to do at each branch level:

  • Two Girl Guides aged 5 to 6 smiling and linking arms
  • Three Girl Guides aged 7 to 7 smiling and linking arms
  • Five Girl Guides aged 9 to 11 posing on a dock at the side of a lake during a camping trip
  • Two Girl Guides ages 12 to 14
  • ranger girls
  • a lones girl and a trex girl

Girl Guides of Canada is changing the name Brownies to Embers in 2023.