Girls are changing the world!

Girl Guides of Canada’s Change Maker Awards exist to recognize the courageous and generous actions girls take on, at all branch levels.

No matter how big or small, if she is making a difference in her community or around the globe, our Change Maker Awards are here to cheer on girls as they change the world.


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Nominations are now closed for the 2022 Change Maker Awards. Thank you to all the girls who submitted a nomination this year!

2022 Change Maker Award Recipients

All girls who are nominated will receive a letter of recognition from the Chair of the Board of Directors. All award recipients will receive an award pin, a certificate, and will be celebrated on Girl Guides of Canada’s social media and other channels, nationally.

Congratulations to the 2022 Change Maker Award Recipients!


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Lyla Harris
South River, NL 

One of my favourite things to do is to go for "trash" walks where we take gloves and garbage bags and pick up trash in different places where we live. Our world is only as good as we treat it. I know I can't pick up all the trash in the world, but small steps make big differences, so I encourage my friends to do the same. I plan to do more, like plant trees and wildflower gardens to help the bees. Thank you for your time. 

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Mila Assion-Nielsen
Langley, BC 

Mila helps me be calm and she is a good friend when I'm hurt.


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Grace Patterson
Timber-lea, NS 

Grace planned and executed a virtual Great Big Crunch event at her school where all 400 students crunched into a locally sourced apple to encourage local and healthy eating and living. 

Grace, along with her teacher, surprised her school by having their Medical Officer of Health, Dr.Robert Strang crunch an apple too! Grace wrote a speech about eating healthy and read that to the school prior to a great big countdown. 

This event was the first of its kind at her school and the first event the school completed “together”, even though they were apart due to COVID. It was a moment of togetherness over the theme of healthy living. 

This ignited a spark of creating opportunities for healthy living that Grace hopes to continue to explore. 

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Lina Boudoumi
Chateauguay, QC 

Dans mes livres, je délivre mes secrets aux enfants pour être des Supers Champions… à la maison, à l’école ou encore à la garderie! 

Je parle de sujets d’actualité, comme l’intimidation et l’affirmation de soi. Par exemples, je donne des conseils aux enfants pour trouver des solutions en cas de chicanes, j’explique pourquoi c’est bien d’être une meilleure personne, etc. 

J’ai participé à la grande journée des petits entrepreneurs en 2019, suite à cette première apparition, j’ai pu participer au réaménagement de la cour de mon école en remettant la moitié de ma recette à la direction. La directrice générale de mon école m’a remis une lettre de félicitations pour ma bonne action. 

Pour cette année, je me suis déjà inscrite à cet événement et je compte accorder 50% de mon bénéfice à l’achat de livres que je remettrai à la bibliothèque de mon école. 

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Katherine Michaud
Calgary, AB 

I’m making a difference in my school by starting a school garden. In Sparks I did a project about ‘making a difference in the world’. My project was about saving bees. I continued to work on my idea to have a school garden and created a Google Slides presentation. This year I shared my ideas with my class, the grade 2s, my principal, and the parent council. The garden was approved! This spring the pollinator garden will be planted! We are going to have a garden club to take care of everything and plant lots of plants. I am very happy that an idea I had in Sparks is going to make a difference in my school and the neighbourhood where I live. 

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Annelise Creech
Toronto, ON 

My sister was inspired by the book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World. She loves to read this book every night before bed. This past year, her class spoke about the 215 children at a residential school in BC. Annelise wanted to do something to show her support. She asked Mom to go to a beach to paint 215 rocks inspired by this to create awareness about the issues in residential schools. Annelise then took it upon herself to present this at her online class and share it with friends across the city. Many kids in her class and in the city also painted rocks in support and sent her pictures to show the impact of what she has done to raise awareness for Every Child Matters. She is inspiring others to change the world just like the women in her bedtime story! 


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Presley Leger-Bryson 
York, PE  

I love animals, my community and making a difference anywhere I can. 

I participate in roadside cleanups with our local Women's Institute and help my mom organize shoreline cleanups in my community through the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  

I am a Butterfly Ranger with the David Suzuki foundation and I have planted some flowers and bushes in my yard that attract butterflies and help them pollinate.  

One of my favourite things to do in November every year is to pack Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for kids around the world who don't have the things I have and right now I am making birthday boxes to donate to the food bank.

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Madeline Somers 
Winnipeg, MB  

Over the last two years, I’ve made a difference in my community by being a volunteer for Harvest, an organization that collects and distributes food for people in my province that need help to feed themselves and their families.  

I have also collected fabric and learned how to make reusable sanitary napkins which I donate to Samaritan’s Purse Canada, an organization that gives shoeboxes of supplies to kids in other countries at Christmas. I started making these sanitary napkins because I learned that they are a good way to reduce the use of plastics going into our landfills, and they are also something that every girl needs. By sending reusable sanitary napkins to girls, they don’t have to stay at home, and they can go to school and learn just like me. 

Everyone can have an impact on the world if you really believe in something and put your mind to it. 

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Ellie Dyer 
Strathroy, ON  

Last Christmas, I helped seniors in my community who didn’t get to see their families at Christmas due to COVID-19. I wanted to raise enough money to buy two baskets that were $35 each at the pharmacy in our town. I collected donations and did a bottle drive and was able to raise over $900 to buy 27 baskets for seniors to help them smile at Christmas. I was happy to deliver my donation and know that I helped so many people!  

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Katie Magee
Brantford, ON 

I care about the animals and want to support a great cause any way I can. Every year for my birthday I ask for donations that will be given to animal rescues like the SPCA and DIBS (Dogs in Better Spots). 

Last December I made and sold ceramic Christmas ornaments and dog bandanas to raise money for these rescues and raised over $100. By starting earlier this year I hope to make more bandanas and ornaments to sell. 

Right now, I am also organizing a cupcake fundraiser at my school that will take place next month to raise more money for these rescues. 


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Sia Sidhu
Surrey, BC

For more than half of my life, I have been raising money for BC Children’s Hospital, with close to $55,000 already collected for hospital units there. I started on my fundraising journey as a six-year-old. Over the years, I have conducted annual fundraisers and sold lemonade, Popsicles, sundaes, hot dogs, burgers, and two years of raffle tickets during the pandemic from my home. Each year, I pick a different department at BC Children’s Hospital and give all funds raised to them. I have impacted many departments, such as the cancer ward, the pediatric intensive care unit, and research and development.  
Last year, Sia's 7th Annual Virtual Fundraiser raised close to $21,000 for the hospital’s oncology department. In 2020, Sia’s Burger Shack fundraiser resulted in Sia becoming the youngest of Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25 award winners. My goal every year is to help as many children as possible that are in medical distress. 

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Payton Carroll
Saskatoon, SK 

Payton is dedicated and a hard worker and she volunteers for everything she can.  

She volunteers for the SCAT rescue and at the local PetSmart. She volunteered to rake leaves and pinecones at the Forestry Farm here in Saskatoon- to help feed the animals throughout the winter.  

She volunteered for the Children's Hospital Foundation, packing Christmas gifts for the doctors, nurses and staff. At her school, she does patrol and sells milk at lunch to the students in her school. She has been helping with a Brownie unit in our district. Payton is always helping others and is wanting to do more. She is a very nice person, and she usually doesn't talk about herself. She is very humble. She helps her younger sisters a lot, and one of them has special needs. She is always friendly and kind to others. 

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Hailey Burns
Hammonds Plains, NS 

Since being back to school in January the breakfast program had not been happening. As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a full stomach helps students focus. With COVID, many students did not have food security at home and relied on this program. I was trying to help my teacher and other students to figure out a solution to this problem. I sat down one night with my parents and wrote letters to our Premier, MLA, School Board Regional Executive Director, and the Chief Medical Officer of Health pleading with them to help me get this program up and running. It worked and an immediate solution was put in place. My voice was heard. The school was contacted the next day and the breakfast program was allowed to run again! 

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Kavya Kariamal 
Edmonton, AB 

Kavya has demonstrated a strong desire to change the community around her positively. At seven years old, she and her sister started a lemonade stand together to raise money for the Stollery Children’s Hospital, and they continue to host the lemonade stand annually.   
Kavya volunteered at the Edmonton Food Bank, Edmonton Humane Society, and CapitalCare, where she helped impaired senior citizens and worked towards her life-long goal of owning, and working at, her own clinic.   
With the help of Junior Achievement, Kavya started a business to better women's safety and mental health with a portion of the earnings donated to charity. As part of the Edmonton Youth Council, Kavya is working on an initiative to help create awareness of sexual violence.   
Apart from this, Kavya has participated in neighborhood cleanups and planted trees in her community. Kavya is working towards inspiring other young children to take action and create a better future. 


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Charlotte Oleksyn 
Vancouver, BC 

Charlotte has always impressed me greatly with her volunteering, youth work, and positive personality. She has been a member of her high school's student council for three years and the Vancouver District Student Council (VDSC). While on the VDSC, she helped organize a district wide food drive for the food bank, as well as an art exhibition for Vancouver student artists to showcase their work. The food drive was very successful with over 25,000 cans donated.  

She is  involved in her school's Environmental Green Club and Service Club. This year she adopted 14 local catch basins and regularly cleans them, making her community safer for pedestrians and cyclists. 

She is a triathlon coach and will use her National Lifeguard, swim instructor, and Standard First Aid certifications at GGC Camp Olave, in her role as camp lifeguard and counsellor. She will help empower young Guides by being very hard working, motivated and kind.  

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Grace Ott
Toronto, ON

Over the years, I have become much more confident, and this confidence has allowed me to do a great many things to help myself and other people.  
I am currently a Ranger and very involved with clubs at my school. At school, I am a leader in the volunteering club and help other students earn their volunteer hours.  
I have been making lip balm and selling it – it is called "Grace's Amazing Lip Balm." The net proceeds have been sent to Guatemala to help the people who have been suffering from volcanos and now COVID-19. I have been able to send $6,000. My next goal is to help support a new surgical clinic. My lip balm is currently being used all over the world, including in Saudi Arabia, India, and Europe!  
I hope I can encourage other people to do things and help the world be a better place. 

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Aryana Mehrkhodavandi
North Vancouver, BC

I have supported my community through local volunteering activities at the Sunrise Lynn Valley Senior home. I am also part of the Teen Advisory Council at the North Vancouver Library, where I help make decisions that positively impact local youth.  

I’m a proud student and give back to my community by tutoring others who come from low-income families. I am a member of my school’s student council, and I am also the president of the Best Buddies Club, where our objective is to help make kids with special needs feel safe and included. I am also part of the National Youth Council for Girl Guides, where we learn about social inclusion and discuss other social issues.  

Lastly, as a Wildlife Ambassador, I clean up our local environment by removing invasive species and promoting the issue with locals. I want to do my part to help ensure everyone is feeling safe and loved. 

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Charlize Davis
Maple Ridge, BC

I’ve done many shoreline and park cleanups, and I was also head of the recycling team for Earth Day 2020. I have also volunteered at senior homes and find it extremely rewarding – seeing the joy that just sitting down and making a craft with them brings to their faces is amazing.   
Outside of Guiding, I’m the charity liaison for my school’s student council and I teach kickboxing classes. My dad and I run a women's self-defense course where all proceeds go to a local woman's charity called Cythera House, which is a safe home for women and children to get away from abuse, homelessness, and other bad situations. I will always continue to help people, and that is one of the main reasons I fell in love with Guiding.

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