Women in Girl Guides inspire so girls can build a brighter future

On International Women’s Day 2024, we celebrate our Guiders and volunteers – champions of empowerment and mentors for what’s possible! These dedicated volunteers inspire, empower, and mentor the next generation of changemakers, innovators and leaders. Because of their unwavering support, we are able to create an inclusive space where all girls can thrive and say “I belong”.

Discover the power of women mentors in creating a better world, by girls:

  • Women in Guiding lead so girls can build a bold future – being a role model empowers girls to believe in their own power to lead positive change wherever they go.

  • Women in Guiding support so girls can build a more inclusive future – inspiring girls to use their voices, embrace their identities and feel confident to achieve anything they put their minds to.

  • Women in Guiding mentor so girls can lead in the future – shaping changemakers, innovators and leaders who will continue to inspire and empower girls for generations to come.

Join us in amplifying the power of women to inspire powerful girls.

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