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Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM)

Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) is our national training program and is available for all Guiders, regardless if you are a new or experienced, a unit leader, Commissioner or an experienced adviser. Training helps you develop new skills and energizes to help you have fun and be effective in your new position!! Other benefits of participating in training sessions include looking great on a resume, brainstorming with others who have ‘been there done that’ and meeting new people from across Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon!

Here is a brief description of TEAM:

  • Safe Guide– Guiding has one mandatory training that all new adult Members must complete within 6 months of their join date. Safe Guide is our organization's risk management tool. It provides a consistent process for planning and implementing safe Guiding activities.

TEAM has five streams. Each is specialized to meet the training needs of Members based on their position. All streams are open to all adult Members. A TEAM pin of the appropriate colour is awarded upon completion of the Foundation modules in each stream.

  • Unit Guider-provides information specific to guiders working with the girls. Whether you are a brand new Guider or have changed branches, this training is for you! Also included are the goals and components of the program for your branch and innovative ways that you can deliver it to your unit that are fun, active and girl-centered.
  • District Commissioner-helps participants to develop administration, management and leadership skills. All adult members are able to attend.
  • Administrator-is designed to help Guiders develop communication, management and leadership skills both inside and outside of the organization. All adult members are able to attend.
  • Outdoor Activity Leader (OAL)-provides members with core competencies for providing fun and safe outdoor activities for the girls. It covers such topics as technical camping skills as well as organizational and leadership techniques. Please speak to your Area Camp or Training Adviser. Also check out our Camping Page for even more camping related activities.
  • Trainer–helps members with skills and resources they need to effectively facilitate learning for fellow Guiders. Perfect if you are a Trainer Candidate or if you are considering joining the training team!

For more information on TEAM training streams, please follow this link
Better yet, speak to your Area Training Adviser.

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