Safe Guide

What is Safe Guide?

Safe Guide Activity Planning and Safety Management provides the guidelines for a safe foundation on which Guiders plan dynamic activities for girls. With details on everything from supervision ratios to health and first aid, travelling to a new country or what to bring to camp, Safe Guide supports Guiders as they offer each girl the opportunity to be everything she wants to be.

Safe Guide forms are available on Member Zone.

Safe Guide Submissions

The following timeline for Safe Guide submissions apply:

  • For yellow events: 14 days prior to your activity or event.
  • For yellow events with more than 75 participant: 21 days prior to your activity/event.
  • For red events: 21 days prior to your activity/event.
  • For green events: safe guide forms do not need to be submitted, but an Emergency Response Plan (SG.4) must be completed for each in-person activity including unit meetings.
  • Activities submitted later than these deadlines may be DECLINED for assessment.

Submit Forms

After you submit your forms

  • You will receive an automatic response (with your tracking number) that your forms have been submitted. This is not an automatic acknowledgement (yellow level) or approval (red level) for your activity.
  • The Safe Guide Assessor may request clarification or additional information. Please follow up with her as soon as possible, so that she can complete the assessment of your activity. Include your tracking number when responding.
  • Once the assessor has reviewed your forms, you will receive an email either acknowledging (yellow level) or approving (red level) your forms from the GGC Portal.
  • If, after submitting your forms, you have not heard from an assessor within one week, please email and quote your tracking number.

Sample Paperwork and Resources

The Provincial Assessors have provided the following resources to aid you in preparing your forms for various activities. The filled-out SAMPLE Safe Guide forms provided may not be used as-is, but are meant to help you – please personalize the forms for each specific activity and your own unit.

Happy Safe Guiding,
Twyla Jenkins and Chris Haydon
Provincial Safe Guide co-Advisers
Girl Guides of Canada, Alberta Council

2/27/2024 1:45:15 AM