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World Thinking Day 2023

On February 22, join Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from 150 countries to celebrate World Thinking Day (WTD) 2023. This year’s WAGGGS theme is Our World, Our Peaceful Future;  this year is the second year of a three-year journey for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to become environmentally conscious leaders.

By completing the steps in the Our World, Our Peaceful Future activity pack, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world will learn about Miku, a young girl who embarks on a quest to find peace and balance within her world. The pack is inspired by folktales from all five regions and includes short stories and activities. Girls will learn from the environment and how they can work with nature to create a more peaceful and secure future for girls everywhere. They will explore topics of stewardship, harmony and the role the environment plays in peace and security.

Guiding Lights Across ONNV crestThis Thinking Day we will be shining a Guiding Light across Ontario and Nunavut. Celebrate in your community as we shine our Guiding lights in support of girl empowerment.
Local landmarks across Ontario and Nunavut (stadiums, bridges, structures and buildings, etc.) will help us celebrate by lighting up in Guiding blue on the evening of February 22.

We invite Guiding members and other supporters to safely light candles, make lanterns and shine Guiding lights from homes or outdoor space. Consider doing some virtual crafting with your unit! You could decorate glass jar lanterns, make luminary lanterns out of paper bags or set up your own light displays in your windows or yards.

See if there's a monument near you to admire on February 22! You are invited to #ShineYourGuidingLight and safely light up your home by making lanterns and finding other ways to shine your own Guiding lights.

New! Ontario Council has created Guiding Lights Across Ontario and Nunavut crests in both English and French, just in time for World Thinking Day.

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