Shining our Guiding Light across New Brunswick and PEI

Originally published in Guidepost, January 31, 2023

to all adult members and Rangers

This Thinking Day we will be shining our Guiding Light across New Brunswick and PEI. We invite members and other supporters to help us celebrate the sisterhood by lighting up your homes and business blue in support of girl empowerment. Every year on February 22, Girl Guides celebrate World Thinking Day, a day of international friendship.  It is an opportunity to speak out on issues that affect girls and young women, celebrate the founding of Girl Guides and be connected to the 10 million members around the world who are part of the Guiding movement. Thanks to BC Girl Guides for creating several fun activities to do with your units. You could decorate glass jar lanterns, make luminary lanterns from paper bags or set up your own light displays in your windows or yards.

Activity Templates

Activity Ideas

Get visible in your community on February 22! Looking for inspiration?

  • Go on a lit-up neighborhood walk.
  • Put on your headlamps for a night hike.
  • Host a campfire singalong event at a local lit-up landmark.
  • Invite friends and families to join you for a lantern-making workshop.
  • Have a unit decorating contest to see who can decorate their home windows with the brightest bluest display.
  • Make blue/lit-up crafts as tray favors for a local seniors' home.
  • Organize a fun, blue-themed photo booth with lanterns, flashlights and other light-up props.

Don't forget to snap photos of your activities – share them on social media by tagging @nbpeigirlguides and using the hashtag #ShineYourGuidingLight!

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