Meet the 2022 National Scholarship Recipients

Actuarial Foundation of Canada National Scholarships


Anica H.
Sherwood Park, AB
First year, Computing Science
University of Alberta

“I am pursuing a degree in computing science because I have a keen interest in coding and robotics. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a worldwide robotics competition in May 2022, where I met many people from across the world who share the same interests as me. I have also shared my interests with my Ranger group by leading meetings about coding. I believe my 13 years as a girl member in Girl Guides haves encouraged me to develop the skills I will need to succeed in this male-dominated field.”


Gemma J.
Edmonton, AB
First year, Mathematics
University of Alberta

“Girl Guides has given me many opportunities to grow as a leader and person over the past 13 years. My Guiding experiences are reflected in my choice of major in mathematics because STEM activities have always been a fun part of Girl Guides. As a Girl Guide, I know that I can rise to any challenge.”


Maelle M.
Burnaby, BC
First year, Computing Science
Simon Fraser University

“I am so excited to be bringing the spirit of Guiding into the field of artificial intelligence! A community of supportive women is so necessary in new technological fields and I cannot wait to begin learning and building. Girl Guides teaches me so much, and thanks to the support of this amazing sisterhood, I know I’ll be prepared for whatever the future holds!”

Barrett McKenna Environmental Education National Scholarship


Annika Y.
Edmonton, AB
First year, Environmental and Conservation Science
University of Alberta

“The natural world has always fascinated me: plants, animals, and waterways – I love exploring them all! Guiding has always encouraged that passion and helped me build the foundational skills needed as I transition into adulthood and university. Now, I’m excited to start the next chapter of life with a degree in environmental and conservation science. My dream is to be able to encourage young girls to pursue their interests in STEM and give back to Guiding.”


Tegan L.
Ottawa, ON
First year, Aquatic Resources
St. Francis Xavier University

“Throughout my 13 years in Girl Guides, I have learned a plethora of things, but one thing that I still hold close to my heart is a quote a leader once said to me: ‘If we wait until we are ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.’ Say yes to adventures, you will regret it if you don’t.”

Barrett McKenna National Scholarships

Katie T.
Saskatoon, SK
Second year, Veterinary Medicine
University of Saskatchewan

“I have been a part of Girl Guides for 19 years starting as a Spark and continuing into adulthood as a Link member and a leader. This year, I will be entering my second year of veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. …I have wanted to be a veterinarian from a young age, so pursuing this career path is truly a lifelong dream come true.”


Rose S.
Toronto, ON
First year, Biology and French – Concurrent Education
York University

“We are at a time in history when the world is changing dramatically. Whether it is the emergence of a new disease or renewed conflicts abroad, the skills I have gained as a member of the Guiding movement have ensured that I am prepared for a more uncertain future. I have confidence that I can face any challenge that comes, and I am excited to start my journey as a university student.”


Shaelynn J.
Oakville, ON
Second year, Animal Biology
University of Guelph

“As I continue my Guiding journey as an adult member, I am excited to see how Guiding is evolving. From the continuously growing program platform to the community impact of initiatives such as the National Service Project: ReconciliACTIONs, the relevancy of Guiding to girls and women is even stronger today than it was when the first unit was formed in Canada in 1910.”

Col. Karen Ritchie Memorial National Scholarship


Kaelyn M.
St. George, ON
First year, Engineering
McMaster University

“Guiding has been a large part of my life. Through it, I have learned many skills and had many opportunities. These experiences have helped guide my life both in and outside of Guiding. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapter of my life, in both my studies and Guiding.”

Dr. Roberta Bondar National Scholarship

Hanna B.

Hannah B.
Sherwood Park, AB
Fourth year, Psychology
University of Alberta

“Guiding has been a driving force in my life and has given me the tools that I have needed to succeed, such as perseverance, dedication, and teamwork. These skills have been integral to my success in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and I hope to inspire these same skills, love of STEM, and curiosity in the Guides I work with.”

Environmental Studies National Scholarship


Regan C.
Edmonton, AB
Postgraduate, Recreation and Leisure Studies
University of Alberta

“I am currently a graduate student working on a Master of Arts degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies. My research will help national parks better understand the complexities of backcountry landscapes, including human use, wildlife, and ecological integrity. Specifically, I am looking at the challenges associated with the Great Divide Trail, which is a long-distance backcountry hiking trail in Canada similar to the Appalachian Trail in the United States.”

GGC National Scholarships


Alexis D.
Pickering, ON
Postgraduate, Architecture
Carleton University

“At a young age, Guiding helped me discover my passions and shape my values, and it taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to. In the architectural profession, knowing the people, needs, and wants in our society helps inform us on how to create spaces through design. Volunteering in the communities we live in is an important step to understanding this while taking the opportunity to empower the next generation.”


Amber T.
Halifax, NS
Third year, Child and Youth Studies
Mount Saint Vincent University

“Guiding has helped me learn many new skills, and it has also helped me choose my career. Being able to help out with younger units when I got older really showed me that I love working with children. I also love to show younger girls things that I learned when I was their age and the differences from when I was a Spark to now.”


Keira H.
Parksville, BC
First year, Faculty of Humanities
University of Victoria

“Guiding has always been a community in which I feel comfortable being myself. I have made so many meaningful connections with members and volunteers over the years, and I have participated in adventures that have shaped me into the person I am today. I am very appreciative of your support as I head off to university in the fall!”


Laura W.
Delta, BC
Fourth year, Applied Animal Biology
University of British Columbia

“Guiding has been part of my life since I was five years old, and it has taught me a variety of things from camping skills to communication and leadership skills. I am happy to now be a leader of a Spark unit where I am able to teach them the same skills that past Guiders taught me.”


Rebekah G.
Torbay, NL
First year, Engineering and Applied Sciences
Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Because of the opportunities provided by Girl Guides of Canada, I have decided to pursue a career in the field of engineering and applied sciences. With confidence and from the organization, I hope to perform highly in my studies and become a role model for young girls interested in STEAM.”

Samantha Goad

Samantha G.
Surrey, BC
First year, General Studies
Kwatlen Polytechnic University

“This scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to follow my passion, and I am forever grateful to Girl Guides of Canada for enabling me to do so. The different cultures and camps I experienced throughout my time in Guiding ignited my interest in travel.”

Sarah Janes

Sarah J.
Port au Port East, NL
First year, Bachelor of Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland

“This scholarship is an amazing help toward my future, and to have received it from Girl Guides – an organization I have been involved in and passionate about since my youth – is a wonderful feeling. I look forward to continuing to positively contribute to the Guiding community.”


Tamara K.
Edmonton, AB
Part-time, Occupational Health Nursing
MacEwan University

“I have been a Girl Guides member since 1989, and I grew up with Guiding. I am now a registered nurse of 19 years. I am currently studying occupational health nursing at MacEwan University while also remaining a Trefoil Guild Member. I am a lifelong learner living by the GGC Promise and Law.”

Tamara V

Tamara V.
Calgary, AB
First year, Physics
University of Calgary

“For 11 years, Girl Guides has been like a second family to me, providing constant support and comfort and helping me develop important skills and values. I am very passionate about Girl Guides and am excited to start a new journey both with Girl Guides and with university.”


Veronica P.
Thunder Bay, ON
Second year, Natural Resource Management
Lakehead University

“The strong sense of community and sisterhood has shaped the person I am today in more ways than I can possibly describe. Everything from my social skills to my employment to my hobbies has been impacted for the better by my involvement in the Guiding community. I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization.”

Humber Glen Trefoil Guild National Scholarship


Anshini S.
Calgary, AB
1st Year, Biological Sciences

“Girl Guides has been a beautiful journey for me, packed with laughter, memories, friendships, and having a fantastic time at camps, which is why it is engraved in my heart forever. This would not have been possible without the aid of my incredible leaders, who guided me to become a confident, striving, self-sufficient person and motivated me to become a positive influence in my community as well as the world. Girl Guides has taught me numerous skills which continue to resonate with me, it created a safe atmosphere where I was able to open myself, became a pillar of support for me, and has truly empowered me in ways that are beyond words.”

Masonic Foundation of Ontario National Scholarship

Alyssa H

Alyssa H.
Windsor, ON
Postgraduate, Public Policy and Administration
Carleton University

“Being a part of Guiding has made me a part of a network of strong women who have been instrumental in helping me to find my voice. I know that my desire to create change through public policy and my ability to do so have developed because of my experience in Guiding and the encouragement I have been shown since my days in Sparks.”

Danielle R

Danielle R.
Shipka, ON
Postgraduate, Nursing
Trinity Western University

“I am grateful for this scholarship which will help me pursue my postgraduate studies in nursing! I want to make a difference in our health-care system and continue to help those in need. I aspire to do both of these things through my studies and for the rest of my nursing career.”

Emma A

Emma A.
Guelph, ON
First Year, Honours Arts and Science - Education
University of Waterloo

“This scholarship is helping me to pursue educational opportunities that I never would have been able to consider without outside support. One day, I hope to be able foster a love for learning in my own classroom, as well as also having my own Girl Guide Unit. I cannot wait to be able to give back to Girl Guides and support future members, and I hope to be able to provide great opportunities for others.”

Heather J.

Heather J.
Belleville, ON
First Year, Honours Science

“I have always loved science and I am so happy that I am able to continue my education in the field of science. It opens up so many possibilities for my future in the paths that I can take from this program.”

Olivia T

Olivia T.
Toronto, ON
First year, Biochemistry
University of Ottawa

“Girl Guides has taught me leadership skills that I know will help me achieve my goal of working in global health care. I am grateful for my various experiences in Girl Guides, such as volunteering with an Ember unit, that have helped me practise and refine this skill.”

Paige M

Paige M.
Orangeville, ON
First year, Child and Youth Studies – Concurrent Education
Brock University

“Girl Guides has been such a big part of my life and has made me the person I am today. With the help from this scholarship, I am going to continue to make an impact on children’s lives – the way my leaders did for me – when I become a teacher. I will be forever grateful for, and a part of, the sisterhood of Guiding.”


Priyanka C.
Richmond Hill, ON
First year, Software Engineering
University of Waterloo

“When I think of the future, I see technology at the forefront. The ability to be at the front lines of the technological revolution while looking to break barriers as a woman in STEM is a challenge I could not refuse. Guiding has empowered me to face this challenge head-on, and I hope my fellow Guiders feel the same.”


Seanna K.
St. Albert, AB
First year, Food Studies
George Brown College

“Guiding, for me, has shaped me into who I am and has helped me grow confidence, develop valuable leadership skills, and learn the importance of giving back to my community. I am where I am today because of this wonderful organization; it has played such a big part in my life and will continue to inspire me in the future.”

Norma Osler Education National Scholarship

Bree Anne

Bree Anne B.
Victoria, BC
First year, Music Education
University of Victoria

“Access to music programs in school shaped my life and gave me numerous life skills, and as I pursue a degree in music education, I intend to pass on these formative skills to future generations. I hope to bring the strength, independence, and responsibility I learned in Guiding and through music into the classroom.”


Cori K.
Winnipeg, MB
Second year, Bachelor of Education
University of Manitoba

“I am returning to school to pursue a teaching degree after many years of working in the environmental sciences. Girl Guides allowed me to continue my passion of working with youth during my first career and gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher.”

STEM National Scholarship

Natalie K

Natalie K.
Parksville, BC
First year, Integrative Physiology
University of Alberta

“Countless adventures in Guiding have taught me one thing: life is an adventure, and you may as well enjoy the ride. I am thrilled to explore the University of Alberta’s Integrative Physiology program and see where the medical field takes me.”