Camp Whisong

Camp Whisong

Camp Whisong is a Girl Guide campsite within the Tidewater Area.


  • Elgin, New Brunswick
  • Closest (town) Petitcodiac - 16kms
  • Closest (cities) Riverview, Moncton, Dieppe - 60kms


40 acres of cleared land to use for outdoor activities hiking trails range in length from 1km - 7.5km river for swimming/bathing/environmental activities gravel bar suitable for swimming and outdoor cooking 5 km away patrolled by RCMP - Detachment in Petitcodiac open Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30.

  • Emergencies dial 911
  • Medical centre in Petitcodiac, open Mon-Fri
  • Nearest hospital - Moncton Hospital (65km)
  • Locked gate at driveway entrance
  • Rental includes use of phone, furnace, electricity, firewood, some equipment, and parking for 20 cars


  • 5 bedrooms (no bunks)
  • 2 half bathrooms (toilet & sink)
  • Campfire/activity room
  • Kitchen with electric stove, wood stove and microwave, dishes, pots, pans, etc (with dishes and utensils for 40 people)
  • Pantry (3 refrigerators & 1 deep freezer)
  • Dining room
  • Office
  • 3 entrances to house - double front door, side door and back door
  • Telephone 
  • Oil furnace
  • 2 outdoor water taps
  • Hot and cold running water


  • There are 2 Campsites each with the following:
  • Food/program shelter with shelving unit, tables and benches
  • 1 firepit with grate
  • 1 fireplace with 2 grates
  • 1 campfire pit
  • Environmentally friendly waste water disposal unit
  • Latrine with 3 stalls, flush toilets, (1 wheelchair accessible)
  • Flagpole
  • Baby barn for storage
  • Large firewood pile
  • Large playing area

Campsite Fees

  • $4.00 per person per day Spring, Summer and Fall for units in Tidewater Area.
  • $5 for Guiding outside Tidewater Area and Other $8.00 per person per day.
  • Winter fees are $5 per person. Minimum of $50 for 1/2 of the weekend or $100 for the whole weekend.
    Outside groups in winter fees are $8 per person with the minimum amounts.

Contact Information & Reservations

Email Joan Donovan for more information, reservations or to purchase a Camp Whisong crest for $2.10 each.


The Whis-song

If it is ever your pleasure to pass through Pleasant Vale on your way to Meadow in Albert County, turn to the right after you have passed the home of Frank Shaffer, and cast your gaze westward up the valley of Workman Brook. There, a little to the right, like the rump of a prize hog, is what we used to call the Boar's Back, and a little to the right of that, somewhat like the depression made by a giant meteor, is the "Goosemeat" and far up on its rim can be discerned the cleared fields of the Harrison Homestead. On your left, it's rugged cliffs covered with timber of spruce and fir, stands Zaccy Mountain, like some wired monster Sphinx from the land of the Nile, guarding the beautiful valley beyond, it's fore-paws clutching the same roadway on which you stand. If you inquired, someone would tell you it was named for Zachariah Jonah who cleared a farm on its western heights, which again is forest land. To its last settler, the last Luther Goodall, and to Agnes (Harrisson) I dedicate this poem.

When I was a little feller,
And my world had just begun
Luther lived on Zaccy Mountain
Over toward the rising sun.
He was tall and dark and handsome
And he lived up there alone
And spent his time a-whistling
When he wasn't picking stone.

With a twisting song and whistle
It went crashing up the hill!
(If you look you´ll see the bushes
Gently swaying up there still).
Like the breathing of a blizzard
And the groaning of a gale
I could hear it mixing music
With a whistle and a wail.
'Cross the valley to the westward
Just a mile or so away
Came Aunt Aggie to the homestead
For to see our folks one day.
Never did a sweeter singer,
Ever try to reach old Zack
For she sang across at Luther
And he tried to whistle back

If you´re ever up the valley
On a peaceful day in June
You will hear the wind above you
Play the queerest kind of tune
Half a song and half a whistling
Like the waves upon the beach,
And I´ve christened it the “Whis-Song”
For it is a part of each.

Now I'm hunting men of science
Who are very seldom wrong,
Just to figure out what happens
When a whistle meets a song.
As I stood there in the dooryard
With a slightly open mouth
I could see a little whirlwind
In the valley to the south.

If the mind is prone to wonder
When the outer man is old,
I will climb old Zaccy Mountain
In my search for inner gold;
For the memory´s dearest treasure
Shall be always bright as noon
I shall hear old Luther whistle
And I´ll hear Aunt Aggie´s tune

- by Arthur R. Harrisson

9/19/2020 7:17:17 AM