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Minty Mania 2013

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Everyone Loves Girl Guide Cookies

It's a fact... Whether we're talking about the classic chocolate and vanilla cookies in the spring, or the decadent minty chocolate Christmas treats, everyone LOVES Girl Guide cookies!


If you want to know how to get your hands on a box of delicious cookies while supporting Guiding at the local level, right here in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, please click to email Cookie Adviser Susan Smith.

The Unit Guider Tracking Form has a new format, making it easier to keep track of the number of cases sold by your Unit. Rewards can be ordered through the Cookie All Stars site in the new year. Work with your girls to help them achieve their Cookie All Stars goals and to ensure sufficient cookies are ordered to meet those goals.




Cookies for Soldiers

Once again we sold our Fall Mint Cookies for Canadian Soldiers serving overseas.  Last year we sent over 700 boxes and reached our goal of sending over 5000 boxes over the past four years!

We wish to thank our customers and members for making this initiative a great success!

Support Our Troops- Sales Templates

Cookies for Soldiers Document

Name Badge Labels- Print and insert into name badge holders

Cookie Labels- Print on sticky labels and attach to boxes.

Cookies for Soldiers 








A Letter of THANKS from a Soldier! - Nov. 2011  Click here to read more.

 Click here to read about previous Operation Mint Cookie Campaigns.


Hey Girl Guide Units! We now have cookie costumes available in each area that can be used for cookie selling. You can dress up as Classic Vanilla or Chocolate or as our Chocolatey Mint Cookie. Contact your area Cookie adviser if you would like to borrow them!


Have some cookies!

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Cookie Munch Off games

The Amazing Cookie Race

Northumberland Kent hosts Cookie Munch Off

Snack-Tress - ideas for bringing cookies into the program.

District Cookie Order Form

Girl Guide Cookies - They're Worth Every Penny

Click here for Cookie Recipes for the National site - Cookies in the Kitchen

Click here for printable thank you cards.


Brownies and Guides unloading cookies

Could you refuse these sweet little faces?
Here is a picture of some of the Sparks from 18th Moncton Sparks selling cookies at Canadian Tire in Moncton. The girls had a great day and we moved 23 cases of cookies.
From the left to the right: Olivia, Molly, Lucy and Anna turn on the charm as customers come through the door.
 How can you say no to such sweet faces.
Submitted by Anne McGlynn-Chiasson
Picture taken by Myra Fraser.

Moncton Sparks Sell Cookies



 Erica at the cookie table
Erica at the cookie table
Jaden, Jaden and Ivy
Jaden, Jaden and Ivy serve a happy customer
 Ivy, Jaden and Hannah take their job seriously.
Ivy, Jaden and Hannah take their job seriously.
 Ava and Emily
Ava and Emily enjoy sharing

Recipe suggested by Anne Chiasson

Cookie BobBons Recipe

For more information about Girl Guide Cookies in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, please click to email Cookie Adviser Susan Smith.