Provincial Training Committee

  • Provincial Training Adviser - Cheryl Anderson
  • Deputy Provincial Training Adviser - Anne McGlynn-Chiasson
  • Secretary - Carmel Hambrooke
  • General Events Manager/ Sessions Coordinator - Nicola Jardine
  • Trainer Candidate Manager - Sylvia Staples
  • Area Trainer Adviser Manager - Louise Chapman
  • Evaluation of Trainers - Tracey Hogg

Upcoming Training Events

Jan 26 - 28, 2018  Trainer Conference, Rotary Lodge Moncton

Area Trainings
Check back soon for Area Trainings near you!

Trainers Challenge for NB/PEI

Once completed, fill in the following challenge form and send to Cheryl Anderson  or Sylvia Staples or bring to one of two Trainers Conferences.

Trainers Challenge NB/PEI DOC 

Training Committee Handbook

Training Committee Handbook DOC | PDF

Click here for the Training Out of Province Trainers Application.


PIN´s for e-learning are available from your Area Training Advisers.

Please note that upon successful completion of your training, you will be provided with a link to your certificate.

Handbooks For Trainers

  • Training Handbook (PDF)
  • Campfire Activities Book 1 (Check with your Area Trainer)
  • Campfire Activities Book 2 (Check with your Area Trainer)

Become A Trainer

Looking for a new challenge? Click here to see how to become a Trainer.

  • Trainer Interest Form (DOC)
  • Trainer Application Form (DOC)

Completed forms can be submitted to the Provincial office.


Training Name Suggested timeline More information
Orientation to Guiding (T.E.A.M.) - explore the history of Guiding and general Information needed before starting in your Unit. Before you start in your Unit. Need to take no later than 6 months from your join date. Mandatory
Safe Guide - The risk management practices and procedures that are used to keep girls safe. Before you start in your Unit or no later than 6 months from your join date. Mandatory. This can be taken through e-learning or face to face with a Trainer.
Foundation Modules (T.E.A.M.) - Information about how to plan activities for girls. It is recommended that you take the Unit Guider Stream before you start in your Unit or within 3 months as it will assist you in delivering the Girl Guide Program. These are generally offered within your Areas or can be taken through e-learning.
OAL PATH (T.E.A.M.) - Outdoor training skills. This training will assist you in leading outdoor activities. This is not a mandatory training but is very helpful. Contact your Area Training Adviser to set up a weekend.
Enrichment Modules (T.E.A.M.) - A variety of trainings to improve the skills of new and experienced Guiders. These trainings will assist you in delivering the Girl Guide Program as well as develop personal skills. Theses trainings are not mandatory but are very helpful. These are usually offered at Provincial events such as the Provincial Annual and Fall Workshop.

Purchase Other Courses - (Safe Guide, Unit Guider and Bias Awareness/Equity Training)

  1. Go to the e-Learning portal to Sign in:
    1. New User? Click on "NEW USER REGISTRATION" and complete the information on the registration screen. Note your email address that was entered is now your User Name.
      A confirmation and receipt will be sent to this email address.
      Once you have entered the personal information, go back to the portal homepage and enter your Username (email address) and Password and click the arrow button to login. You are now at the "Learner Home" Screen. - OR -
    2. Registered previously? Input your User Name and Password and click the arrow button to login. You are now at the "Learner Home" Screen.
  2. Once you have registered, choose CATALOG from the "Learner Home" Screen (left bar of the screen).
  3. Choose the module(s) you wish to purchase by selecting on the modules one at a time and clicking the "Add to Cart" button.
  4. At any time you can go back to viewing the available modules by using the "Categories" button on the left bar of the screen.
  5. Once you have added all of the modules you wish to purchase to your cart, click on the shopping cart link at the top right, input your PIN at the bottom of the screen and select "Update Cart".
  6. Make sure you are purchasing enough modules to use the entire value of your PIN. For example, if you have a $10.00 PIN, you must spend the entire $10. You must purchase two (2) $5.00 modules, or one $10.00 module for a total of $10.00. Once you have used your PIN, it cannot be used again.
  7. The Sub Total (Including Discounts) should now say: $0.00. Click on "Checkout Now".
  8. Read the "Terms and Conditions" then select the checkbox next to "I agree to the terms and conditions below".
  9. Click the "Continue Checkout" button.
  10. Review your order to make sure it is accurate. If it is, click the "Place Order" button to purchase the modules in your shopping cart.
  11. A confirmation page will appear with your purchase and a confirmation number. Follow the instructions and click on the link provided to begin taking your module.
  12. Once in a module you will have to open the pop up icons or click on the boxes that appear to move through the module.


​Fab 5 - Fall Workshop

  1. Walk Around -
  2. We are One Voice – Internet, Google It -
  3. Being A Guide Celebrate With Song -
  4. Sussex Campfire Opening – Jubilee Song Book -

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